Open space

This indicator measures how much open space there is in Flanders and how this has evolved. This way, we gain a better understanding of the impact of buildings on the environment.

969,002 ha

In 2022, open space in Flanders covered an area of 969,002 hectares. Of this open space, almost two-thirds is occupied by agricultural land.

What do we see?

In recent years, there has been a decrease in open space in Flanders. In 2022, open space amounted to 969,002 hectares, representing a decrease of 26,145 hectares compared to 2010. Most of the open space in 2022 consists of agricultural land (63.70%), followed by forests (11.07%). The remaining 25.23% of open space is undefined.

What’s the aim?

Open spaces play an important role in the natural carbon and water cycle. A decrease is felt in the form of higher emissions and water scarcity, among other things. In a circular economy, we want to preserve sufficient open space for the benefit of the natural cycles while meeting housing and building needs. To this end, we should strive for a more efficient use of land area.

What does this indicator measure?

This indicator shows the amount of open space in Flanders derived from cadastral data. The data are from Statbel.

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