Turnover of approved reuse centres

This indicator shows the size of the sector of approved reuse centres in Flanders based on turnover figures.

€ 74.8 million

The turnover of reuse centres has continued to increase since 1995. In 2022 it was 74.8 million euros.

What do we see?

The turnover of reuse centres has continued to grow since 1995, apart from a temporary dip in 2020 due to COVID. Reuse centres mainly generate turnover from the sale of household goods (a mix of different types of products including books, household, leisure, DIY and multimedia items), textiles, electrical and electronic equipment, and furniture.

What’s the aim?

Reuse of materials and products is an essential part of a circular economy. Keeping products in use for longer is literally expressed here: in addition to strict reuse (of a discarded product in good condition by another user in the same function), we include:

  • repair (repair and maintenance of a broken product for reuse in its former function)
  • refurbishment (refurbishment or modernisation of an old product)
  • remanufacturing (using parts of an end-of-life product in a new product with the same function)
  • repurposing (using an end-of-life product or parts of it in a new product with a different function).

Recognised reuse centres in Flanders are places where second-hand items are given a new life. They form an important link in a circular economy, which we want to see grow because reuse is central here: waste is thus avoided and the purchase of new stuff becomes unnecessary. The reuse sector has built up a lot of experience and knowledge in the various forms of reuse. In this way, the sector is an important link in the transition to a circular economic model. Moreover, the Department of Work and Social Economy has recognised almost all reuse centres in Flanders as sheltered workplaces. Long-term unemployed and low-skilled people are given the opportunity here to receive training and build up sufficient work experience to later move on to the regular labour market.

What does this indicator measure?

The indicator measures the annual turnover of recognised reuse centres in Flanders. The reuse centres report their results to OVAM annually, which uses them to estimate the reuse through the centres in Flanders.

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